In Case of Bad Weather

In the event of inclement weather, check our Facebook page and Twitter feed for up to date information.

The Preschool follows the same instructions as given by the Greenville County Schools. However, if local conditions permit, we will remain open. If public school is closed or they are on a two hour delay, then our Preschool will also be closed. If possible, your child’s teacher will call if there is an unusual circumstance.

The decision on whether or not to close the Full Day Care Program will be decided after careful examination of local weather and road conditions. Delayed opening announcements and closings of the Full Day Care Program will be announced on your local TV. If we have phone service, you may call the office for recorded instructions.

Private K5 Program: If Greenville County is on a two hour delay, then this class starts at 10:00am. If Greenville County is closed, then so is our private K5 program.

If Greenville County Schools are dismissed early due to inclement weather, we will pick up CDC bus riders from school as long a s road conditions are safe. If we are unable to pick-up your child from school, we will call the parents. If the weather is bad in our area, the CDC will make the decision on closing early. We will call every parent to notify them of our closing time.