Parent Handbook

The parent handbook has important information that you need to read.  You can download a convenient PDF, or read through this page.

  • Preschool Objectives
  • General Information
  • Records
  • Tuition and Fees
  • Health Policies
  • Arrival and Departure
  • Lunch and Snack Time
  • Clothing and Personal Items, Potty Training Policy
  • Nap Time, School Supplies, Field Trips
  • Birthdays, Class Parties, Inclement Weather Policy
  • School Safety
  • Positive Discipline Policy and Aggressive Behavior Policy
  • Parent/Guardian-Teacher Communication



  • Children, K2 through K4, participate in a Chapel Service led by one of our pastors on a weekly basis
  • To help the child grow in his/her knowledge of God’s love and care
  • To know that Jesus is God’s Son; to feel Jesus is his/her best friend; to know ways Jesus helped people; to want to be like Jesus
  • To know stories and verses from the Bible
  • To think of the church as a special place to learn about God


  • To promote respect for authority outside the home
  • To promote kindness and consideration for others
  • To encourage the ability to sit quietly in a group, and to be able to share experiences with others
  • To help the child to be able to work alone
  • To help the child to work with others and to cooperate in group activities


  • Participate in a variety of motor activities
  • Know and follow simple rules of safety


  • To help the child in making decisions and carrying out his own ideas
  • To instill a desire to take care of toys and equipment and to clean up after work or play.


  • The foundation of our curriculum is the Wee Care Curriculum published by Lifeway Christian Resources and supplemented by the A Beka program
  • Provide a variety of experiences in the learning of concepts such as size, shape, color, sound, the senses, letters, numbers, time and measurement
  • Expose the child to the wonder of God’s creations: people, animals, plants and seasons
  • Help the child learn about one’s self, family, community, and world
  • Stimulate creativity through using a variety of media in planned as well as free art work and crafts
  • Help the child to enjoy and appreciate music through a wide variety of musical activities
  • Children in Toddlers – K4 in a weekly music program
  • Children in K2 – K4 participate in a weekly Science Class tailored around our curriculum here at FBSCEC